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There is no ‘I’ (photo-video)

Shifting experiential contexts allow for recognition that the so-called ‘I’ exists only so far as a given context. 

 is a project about identity and inner processes within the individual. It is about how strongly individuals get affected by the environment. The so-called ‘I’ melts in the constant change and intensive amount of contexts. ‘I’ is affected accordingly.

IMPORTANT: No photo editing in the photographs. No video editing in the video.

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This theme was chosen by people who experienced emigration, but still keep strong connection with their home land. THERE IS NO ‘I’ was conducted during the Migrating Birds workshop in Lithuania, 2008. Lithuanian artists of different background living abroad or in Lithuania gathered in Birstonas for a common purpose – a professional dialog and common work.

Many talented artists emigrated from Lithuania to the West after Lithuania regained independence. Migrating Birds, supported by The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a project that tries to bring those talents back, if not physically but through their works. In 2009 Vilnius became the European Capital of Culture and housed many creative events and cultural live arrangements.

ARTISTS: Darija Sapozenkova-Hauge (NO), Paulius Budraitis (USA), Indre Klimaite (NL). Photo technician: Arnas Anskaitis (LT), sound technician: Lina Lapelyte (UK), Migrating birds 2008.

The photo–video project THERE IS NO ‘I’ was featured at Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Kristiansund in 2010.

There is no I

Let me know if you are in Oslo and are interested in co-creation! 

Some thoughts on life

  • Everything consists of smaller pieces and at the same time is a part of bigger things. I believe that this rule can be applied to everything. Endless cycle of consistence.
  • I believe in the law of cause and effect. Everything that happens to you happens because of you.
  • I believe in the power of each person. Each individual is in charge of creating own life-story.
  • Everything is possible, it is just a matter of wish, will and some luck.
  • I believe that miracles exist. It is about to being lucky to meet them and ability to see them. To begin with, one should start looking for miracles in one’s everyday life.
  • It is healthy to get “outside of the box”. Though there has to be a balance for the free-yourself action and staying as you are.
  • I believe in happy ending: everything that happens – happens for the good.